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Here's Why We Do What We Do

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Here’s What We’ll Do For You

We will give your ASL skills a tune up. You may have gotten lazy with grammar and structure, or simply forgot. This beta course will add the oil needed to get your ASL machine running properly.

Feeling Rusty?

One possible side effect of not signing for a period of time may result in poor grammar and syntax.    You may find yourself signing more in English order. Or, you may have continued your bad sign habits because there's no one to call you out on it.  

We will become your virtual ASL coach.  Our goal is to brush up your ASL skills while providing you with the opportunity to sign with others in a natural setting. 

Forgot How It Feels To Be Signing On A Regular Basis?

With this beta course, you get the chance to interact LIVE with not one, but TWO Deaf native signers who are also experienced and professionally trained ASL educators.   We can easily identify areas in which you need improvement and show you how to get there.  The best way to improve your ASL skills is by immersion.  This is your chance to get right back into it!

Lacking Confidence In Your Sign Abilities?

This course helps you communicate with confidence in sign language. To develop sign confidence, you need consistent feedback and support.  We get that.  That is why we emphasize personal feedback.   Go forth with confidence knowing you have access to Deaf people at your fingertips who care about you.  

Who Are We?

Rebecca Rainone

Rebecca is a pioneer in ASL education.  She started teaching during an era in which ASL was slowly becoming accepted as a bonafide language.  In fact, she introduced her little sister to ASL instruction.  She is a professional ASL professor & mentor.  She makes everyone feel comfortable about learning a visual language. 

Meghan Rainone

Meghan is the little sister of the Rainone duo.  Thanks to her sister, she fell into teaching ASL and spent the next 20 years refining her teaching skills.  She has also worked as a certified Deaf interpreter, course designer, and ASL program director.  She has the ability to hone in on what a student needs to refine and learn.  

How The Course Works

This is a 6-week beta version of our course for experienced ASL signers. We are creating this course on demand. The students tell us what they need & want, and we will build it offering formal instruction, resources, and best of all, live support. At the end of this course, you will be asked to evaluate your overall experience in this class, which will act as a springboard for future online courses. With the live class format, we are doing what we do best - TEACH. The best part is, we don’t have to worry about grading or anything like that. We just get to interact with awesome people like you.

Get Right Back Into ASL!

Stop waiting for the right time. This is a clear sign to just do it.

What's Included


We will host a weekly live session via Zoom.   Can't make it?  No worries! You'll have the chance watch the replays.  All live sessions will be recorded and posted in our online course.   You can purchase this course anytime and still have access to all of the replays.  We will give you the same level of support as we would those who attend the live session.  


You will get full access to our online course that includes recorded instructional lessons, quizzes, assignments, and video feedback.  This is a great opportunity to revisit grammar concepts you previously learned.  Not only that, but you will have the opportunity to test your receptive and expressive skills by completing assignments.  




We offer our students the opportunity to complete guided assignments and receive feedback on their performance using a video online tool, GoReact.  

In addition, immediate feedback will be given during live sessions.  Get back on track developing constructive  sign habits.   


What Are You Waiting For?

Take advantage of having the privilege to work with two Deaf professional instructors and native signers to bring your ASL skills to the next level. Are you in?


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