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Meet the Rainone Sisters!

We are the Rainone Sisters. Born Deaf to hearing parents, our journey into the DEAF world began with sign language. Learning sign language was no easy task during the 1970’s, a time in which there was scant information on how to raise a Deaf child let alone how to learn sign language.     Doing the best they could,  our parents gathered information and advice from various professionals, and made decisions on the best way for our family to be.  
Sign language was the primary method of communication in our family.   Our signing was imperfect, but most importantly, communication took place.  That's all that mattered.   
Fast forward to about 20 years later, by happenstance, we both started teaching ASL at a local community college. We figured that since we were both Deaf, and signed fluently, we knew enough to teach students.  Boy, did we have a lot to learn. It was during this time that we developed a greater respect and value for ASL. The language supplied us with the means to communicate and engage with all walks of life.  
We are on a mission to make the world a better place for Deaf people.  We love our language, culture, and community.  To be able to share that with the world is a privilege.  There is no reason why everyone cannot learn sign language.  We believe we can  create a ripple effect by teaching sign language to be shared with many others.  To successfully communicate in ASL is rewarding.  Just ask anyone who has taken an ASL class.     
We are experts in ASL instruction. We provide authentic language and cultural education.  You will gain insider information/access on Deaf culture. Understanding the Deaf community is just as important as learning the language. We don’t just teach signs, which in itself can lead you to having a one way conversation. We teach critical communication skills that allow for a two way conversation. 
 Let us help you create a rewarding experience with American Sign Language. 

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